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Visiting Artist Morgan Craig, Semester Two 2010

Morgan has been with the Painting Workshop since September and will be here until Christmas.
He’s provide a small bio for the blog and some images.
Thanks Morgan, its been a pleasure to have you here!

Morgan Craig has exhibited, and lectured throughout the U.S.A. Canada,
and Europe, including OK Harris in New York City, SPACES in Cleveland,
the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts and Murray State University
in the bluegrass state of Kentucky. Wexler Gallery, in Philadelphia,
and Lawrence Asher Gallery, in Los Angeles, currently represent him.
Selections from his work will be featured in several upcoming
exhibitions, including a group exhibit at Wayne State University in
Detroit, Michigan, and a two person exhibit at the University of

Craig has received numerous awards including, the Pollock Krasner
Foundation Grant, the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, and the
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Individual Grant for 2006 and 2008.
He has also been invited to several residencies including, Atelje
Stundars in Finland, the Macdowell Colony, Open Studios/Skolska 28 in
Prague, and Bemis Center for the Contemporary Arts. This is his first
time in Australia.


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Ruth’s Welcome Talk at Symposium for This way Up

an exhibition series of recent abstract painting and drawing

On Wednesday the 13 October 2010 in the ANU SoA Lecture Theatre, Ruth Waller welcomed those present with this introduction;


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This Way Up: Abstraction in Painting Symposium – 13/14 October 2010

This Way Up: Abstraction in Painting Symposium & Post-Grad Intensive
Wed 13th, Thurs 14th October 2010
School of Art Lecture Theatre and Gallery, and M16

Click here for schedule abstraction-symposium10

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What I like about Pete Maloney- he keeps me in touch with offbeat stuff- like this;

Peter sent me this link recently, thought we all might be interested. A welcome counterpoint, to…….

Controversy As Canvas: Critiquing A Dead Horse by Natalie Welch

“I love to be manipulated which is why I look at art. But consensual
manipulation is always preferable and we seem to be in an era where
that isn’t always a given.Can we talk?As I tell my students, don’t get
married to an art crisis. …”


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Reading Groups – Discussion Groups – WHAT DO YOU NEED NOW?

The Reading Group has run its course for the time being but there are other possibilities that can be helpful to you at this stage.
Its over to you all to let your views be known and to help initiate whatever will be most useful to you now. Liz (Coates) had some very good suggestions you could take up to assist your writing.

Liz could you elaborate on those ideas here, please?
Everyone can then comment and make suggestions too, and all, students and lecturers can see and be part of the process.

You may wish to retain the dates set for the reading groups as the time to pursue other options.
The first was Friday 24 April, (first week after the break) the second during the intensive on Tues 11 or Wed 12 May 2010.

What would you like to do and who would you like to be involved? Put it all here and see what develops.

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Viv’s exhibition at Milani Gallery Brisbane

Here’s the link to Milani Gallery site which has images of the show.
Opened last Thursday Evening (3 March). It all went very well I’m pleased to say.

Welcome | Milani Gallery.

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Reading Groups and Thinking Clearly

Check out the reading Group page for date first meeting.

Thinking Clearly
Two or three years ago at a time when I was involved in some other reading groups, I picked up a book at the Co-op Bookshop called

Thinking Clearly A guide to Critical Reasoning by Jill LeBlanc. pub. WW Norton.

Its highly recommended for honing your thinking skills and capacity to make distinctions. Very helpful in the discussion of the diverse and sometimes difficult material in readings you choose for the group. It is also an aid for when you are writing. It is not specifically aimed at the arts but is general enough to be of use to students (and others) of any discipline.

There is an on-line site which doesn’t include the full text but has enjoyable (truly) exercises from all the chapters. The format of questions with accessible answers and straightforward explanations is easy to use.

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Liz’s texts for reading group Fri 23 Oct 2009

Liz Coates has supplied four single page readings for Friday 23 October. I’ve sent them by email as I’ve had a bit of difficulty posting them on the blog. Here’s the reference and Liz’s comments.- Viv

Ref: John Berger, The Sight of a Man, in: Selected Essays & Articles – The Look of Things, Pelican, Penguin Books Ltd, UK, 1972.
The book in SofA library is a small paperback with yellowing pages and I had to do some adjusting in photoshop to make it readable.
A great writer talking about visual perception; leads well into more scientific and cognitive discussions.

I’d also like to refer to two additional texts for interested readers. Both these texts have a great deal of insights to share:

Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Cezanne’s Doubt, in: Sense and Non-Sense, (trans. Hubert L. Dreyfus & Patricia Allen Dreyfus), Northwestern University Press, 1964, p.9-25.

Lawrence Gowing, Cezanne: The Logic of Organized Sensations (1977) in: Conversations with Cezanne, (ed.) Michael Doran, Berkeley, University of California Press, 2001, p.180-212.
(I was tempted to submit this as the reading, but it is very long. Full of insights about painting in general, B&W images of Cezanne’s paintings scattered through the text.)

Best wishes, Liz

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Text by Semir Zeki related to Julie’s choice – Zimmer Abstract for RG 2

Thanks for this Julie

Artistic Creativity and the Brain

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Aria’s Reading for Group One- 4 September 2009 (NB date correction)

Click on the Title below for download. Remember this will most likely open another window and you will nwwd to click on the title again to get the download.

Composition as Process by John Cage

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