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Considering that we now have the painting wattle discussion forum, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to the purpose of this blog? I would not mind altering the busy template which I recognize was all part of its experimental start-up phase. Maybe we could post more individual research orientated questions or texts on the blog for feedback from peers, kind of like an optional online reading group? Or is providing feedback online just another thing to worry about in our busy schedules? If so maybe we should cancel it so we don’t have an inactive blog?


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SEM TWO 2010 – Upcoming events and planning

SEMESTER TWO INFO UPDATE: Post grad meeting Friday July 23

Coming up:

  • next Wed 28th July
  • 9am: Colour Illusions lecture from Vis Science ( LT)
  • Ipm: Something in the air floortalk CMAG (Viv et al )

Thurs 29th: Manuka opening 6pm: KALINA PILAT

Week of Aug 9: Juan Davila visit

  • Juan will be here for one week from Aug 10 . See his show currently at Drill Hall. He will be available for studio appts and to take small groups to see his show. Discuss arrangements (suggest Fri 13, Mon 16th?)

Thurs 12th Aug:

  • Opening at Manuka: FIONA LITTLE< DIONI SALAS HAMMER<LIANG LUSCOMBE- Floortalk : FRIDAY 13th at 1.30pm
  • Fri 13th Aug: opening of new M16 Gallery (Greg, Derek, Savandary , Ria etc)

Sat Aug 14th:

1.30-4.30 AGNSW Paths to Abstraction:

Abstraction and colour forum: John Gage, David Briggs, Zena O’Connor, Daniel de’Angeli on modern colour theories, symbolism, meaning & practice

Sat Aug 28: OPEN DAY

Wed 8 Sept: Ruth W opening at Watters

Oct 7: OPENING of Abstraction show: SOA Gallery + ANCA M16- symposium ? (details to be sorted next week with Leah Peter M etc)

For Discussion:

  • 1.Re Juan visit
  • 2. Re Intensive – rescheduling? Ideas re form, content
  • any other matters?

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Reading Groups and Thinking Clearly

Check out the reading Group page for date first meeting.

Thinking Clearly
Two or three years ago at a time when I was involved in some other reading groups, I picked up a book at the Co-op Bookshop called

Thinking Clearly A guide to Critical Reasoning by Jill LeBlanc. pub. WW Norton.

Its highly recommended for honing your thinking skills and capacity to make distinctions. Very helpful in the discussion of the diverse and sometimes difficult material in readings you choose for the group. It is also an aid for when you are writing. It is not specifically aimed at the arts but is general enough to be of use to students (and others) of any discipline.

There is an on-line site which doesn’t include the full text but has enjoyable (truly) exercises from all the chapters. The format of questions with accessible answers and straightforward explanations is easy to use.

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Scan Future Readings

picture-7Image from A Tiling Database.

As you see I’ve been able to include Kabir’s  text; The Magi and the Desi on the blog but not Kerry’s; Ornament and Abstraction. I would like to put all future readings on the blog. This way everyone including off-campus students can easily access them and they remain for continued reference.

Texts would need to be scanned to a disc as a pdf. The scanner in the Painting office could be used. I haven’t yet checked with him but I think Kabir would advise if you need some help.

Jude and Ella are choosing texts for Fri 29th May.

The following reading group is not until Fri 31 July, Vanessa is providing the text for Group 2 but I don’t have a name for Group 1….Viv

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Learn all you need to know about blogs – check blogroll!

I’ve made a link to a page on the Music School blog which has very straightforward stuff about blogging. Check under Blogroll give it a read.

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With Reference to The Magi and the Desi

Quotation from “All in the Mind” ABC Radio National 28 Feb 2009.
Image from The magi and the Desi catalogue; K Venkatappa, Ram-Sita, 14x20cm watercolour tempura paper. coll. NGMA.

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Check out Vanessa’s here or on Links on Dashboard. Anyone of you other PGs want to link their blog?

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new post

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username and password

Adam has just informed me that we would not need to add our name to the end of our post if we each had our own log in (username and password) which we can reset of our own accord if forgotten. The one I sent out is the administrator log in which really Viv should be. The administrator is then supposed to invite (under users to the left when adding post) each of us to sign up and obtain our own username which then automatically shows up when we post. He is laughing at me right now! Also note, you can create post categories to the right when posting. Tags (found above it) are for less common groupings. This becomes useful when searching for posts.


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Adding to pg bibliography page

To add to the new bibliography page, after logging in, click edit page and add your info below existing info in text field. To log in from the blog, click on the link and log in on the left hand side under ‘already hip’. Any pg twitterers?


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