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Anthea Callen Wed 3 March 11am

Anthea’s second lecture will be in The Lecture Theatre Wed 3 March at 11am on colour and surface. There will be a repeat of this on the final session of the symposium, Friday 12th March.

Also NB:

!!!TUES MARCH 9th at NGA 6pm Anthea will speak in the NGA Masterclass Series. We are all invited free and this includes a visit to the show after the lecture.

Symposium programme will be posted here later today.

Intensive programme will follow soon after!



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Special Lecture Mon June 1- 12.30

Library seminar room 12.30

The façade of Santa Maria Novella and the origins of normative symmetry

Michael Selzer
Abstract:  The standard account of the façade of Santa Maria Novella
explains its design in terms of Alberti’s principle of finitio and its
historical significance in terms of eurhythmia, but a fresh appraisal
proposes instead that the façade’s design reflects Alberti’s principle of
collocatio and that its historical significance lies in its role in the
establishment of bilateral symmetry as the norm in architecture. (No norm
had previously required buildings to be either asymmetric or symmetric.) As
such it is part of the context for the mistaken but prevalent view, also
first associated with Alberti, that Nature’s forms are symmetric.

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Howard Morphy Lecture – SoA L.Theatre 3pm Thur 28 May

Professor Howard Morphy, Director Research School of the Humanities: Mediating Forms: The Spiritual and Personal Dimension of Yolngu
Professor Morphy argues that the presence of a person and attributes of a person’s ‘biography’ are two relatively autonomous components of portraiture. He develops a comparative argument, considering commonalities between different artistic practices including conventional Western portraiture based on likeness, abstract  expressionism, North West Coast Native American art and Indigenous Australian art. This broader perspective reveals commonalities  across cultures that deepen understanding of portraiture as a process for mediating identity.

SofA Lecture Theatre

Thursday 28 May @ 3.00pm

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