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With Reference to The Magi and the Desi

Quotation from “All in the Mind” ABC Radio National 28 Feb 2009.
Image from The magi and the Desi catalogue; K Venkatappa, Ram-Sita, 14x20cm watercolour tempura paper. coll. NGMA.

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Ornament and Abstraction

Thanks Kerri, I found your selected reading inspiring, less for the discussion of ornament as a bridge between cultures than the linking of textiles and painting. My interest began upon the introduction of the Mask of Shene-Malula and how “the reversal of the black and white value…indicates a change in identity.” It’s link with Paul Klee’s integration of an “extremely reduced pictorial language with the visible material quality of the support [and how] an intensive dialogue develops between the motif and the support, which is constantly varied (he used linen, burlap, packing paper).”

I enjoyed the discussion of Anni Albers weaving and the point concerning “the dual principle of warp and weft that is typical of textiles…” giving figure and ground equal weight. It invokes contemplation of the canvas as woven fabric or constructed form and the possibility of subtle variables. Ding Yi linking scroll painting and an evocation of fabric is another subtle twist to the simplicity and power of the language of materials and the binary (figure/ground) relationship.


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