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Scan Future Readings

picture-7Image from A Tiling Database.

As you see I’ve been able to include Kabir’s  text; The Magi and the Desi on the blog but not Kerry’s; Ornament and Abstraction. I would like to put all future readings on the blog. This way everyone including off-campus students can easily access them and they remain for continued reference.

Texts would need to be scanned to a disc as a pdf. The scanner in the Painting office could be used. I haven’t yet checked with him but I think Kabir would advise if you need some help.

Jude and Ella are choosing texts for Fri 29th May.

The following reading group is not until Fri 31 July, Vanessa is providing the text for Group 2 but I don’t have a name for Group 1….Viv

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