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SEM TWO 2010 – Upcoming events and planning

SEMESTER TWO INFO UPDATE: Post grad meeting Friday July 23

Coming up:

  • next Wed 28th July
  • 9am: Colour Illusions lecture from Vis Science ( LT)
  • Ipm: Something in the air floortalk CMAG (Viv et al )

Thurs 29th: Manuka opening 6pm: KALINA PILAT

Week of Aug 9: Juan Davila visit

  • Juan will be here for one week from Aug 10 . See his show currently at Drill Hall. He will be available for studio appts and to take small groups to see his show. Discuss arrangements (suggest Fri 13, Mon 16th?)

Thurs 12th Aug:

  • Opening at Manuka: FIONA LITTLE< DIONI SALAS HAMMER<LIANG LUSCOMBE- Floortalk : FRIDAY 13th at 1.30pm
  • Fri 13th Aug: opening of new M16 Gallery (Greg, Derek, Savandary , Ria etc)

Sat Aug 14th:

1.30-4.30 AGNSW Paths to Abstraction:

Abstraction and colour forum: John Gage, David Briggs, Zena O’Connor, Daniel de’Angeli on modern colour theories, symbolism, meaning & practice

Sat Aug 28: OPEN DAY

Wed 8 Sept: Ruth W opening at Watters

Oct 7: OPENING of Abstraction show: SOA Gallery + ANCA M16- symposium ? (details to be sorted next week with Leah Peter M etc)

For Discussion:

  • 1.Re Juan visit
  • 2. Re Intensive – rescheduling? Ideas re form, content
  • any other matters?


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