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Poetry and Paradox

Thank you to Suzanne Moss yesterday for her RIP regarding the investigation of the poetics of painting, particularly the contribution that colour and surface relationships provide to the evocation of luminosity.  I thought that discussions of some of the questions that were raised by the audience may  engender some helpful dialogue.  Personally,  the question broached regarding the relationship between an artist’s intentions and the creation of a ‘poetic’ painting I thought interesting; as was the general question of what constitutes the poetics in painting and what language may be used to describe it.  Is it predominately a perceptual experience or can it be analysed, discussed and intentionally created?  I would of assumed that all of us use an analytical approach to some degree as we select processes and materials, thus how do we avoid creating of a contrived didactic painting rather than poetic work?  Look forward to any comments, maybe Suzanne would like to include some of her key observations?

Sky Embrace, Suzanne Moss

Sky Embrace, Suzanne Moss


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