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Group Interpretation of Compostion Painting No. 1

       Group Performance to Composition Painting No. 1 

by Aria Stone

 Audio File:

  Painting Group Interpretation of Compostion Painting No.1


I have uploaded the raw recording of the group’s sound interpretation of my painting. Over the next few weeks I shall work with the file and add other tracks. When finish the tracks I will upload the manipulated file so there will be a ‘before’ and ‘after’ recording to listen to.

I thought it would be good feedback to everyone who participated to hear what the performance actually sounded like before I start working with it. Also, I would like to thank all of you very much for your participation.

Keep an eye on this space for the finished recording.


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Peter Adsett work in progress

Peter visited for a couple of days this week bringing a small work with him,which we viewed and discussed today (Friday).

As he can’t come to the intensive week, it was good to have a chance to see the work and hear him speak about his project .



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Postgrad intensive- week of May 27-29 2009

Thinking ahead to the next intensive week, I’d like to get a sense of how you all would like to do things this time around. Me feeling is these weeks are a chance for everyone to touch base and have a look at work in progress, raise discussion about the programme, give us feedback etc as well as the scheduled Reading group etc. We do need to plan venues for any work-in-progress presentations- I’m assuming for those whose studios are in town that we can look at actual work, but for those itinerants(!) it might be still a matter of showing images on screen.

We can use the Drawing Room and upstairs foyer spaces to hang work for discussion, and in some cases it might be viable to have a session in your studio- if it is large enough to fit the group, plus a few honours people who like to come along sometimes. Also, how long do each of you want for this kind of session?- please be mindful of timing as I think we need to be much stricter about staying on schedule this time- but I think that will be much easier now we have had that preliminary intro to everyone.

Maybe I’ll get Leah Bullen to send out a proposed schedule of times for WIP presentations and you can choose a time which suits. I assume we will have reading groups on the Friday usual time.

Are there any suggestions as to other things you might do that week- eg. social stuff, discussion, meetings  or maybe screenings of interesting material-( dvds) on artists or things related to your research ??? Maybe we need time for you to meet in smaller groups or one-on-one for more focussed discussion in your studios?  We’d like the programme to be driven by your interests and preferences so please let us know what you think will work most effectively to make the programme as useful to you as possible. Anyway- give all this some thought and get back to me with your ideas….thanks, Ruth

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