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All in the mind- the creative process

There was a very interesting broadcast yesterday on radio national, closely aligned to Julie’s reading. Worth checking out!
Art on the Mind: Neuroaesthetics, and the artist as brain scientist!
Acclaimed neuroscientist Semir Zeki pioneered the field of neuroaesthetics to probe the biological basis of the aesthetic experience, art, literature, love and beauty. He thinks scientists have lots to learn about the brain from the works of visual artists and romantic literature. And visit London’s Hayward Gallery, where the Walking in My Mind exhibition has been described as a ‘vast humming cranium’ as artists unearth their creative process through vast installations. Full transcript available


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‘Art worlds’ Symposium

On the 19-20th of September the ANU Art history post-graduate alumni are hosting a symposium. They have extended the invitation to present to School of art post-grads. The theme for the Symposium is ‘Art Worlds’ or if you like anything influencing the production, distribution and reception of art. I am going to hopefully present a paper regarding a painter’s perspective on production; the intentions I have using painting as the medium to articulate my ideas- a modified version of a previous talk. Maybe other would like to consider framing their thoughts and join in the discussions, instead of being discussed about. Also preparing a talk helps that exegesis! Contact person is Sam Bowker ( The dealine for expressions of interest is Thursday 20th August.

Dear Colleague,

You are invited to present a paper at our upcoming Symposium for recent postgraduates of the ANU Department of Art History.

We are interested in your current research, and seek to present the widest possible range of themes and issues reflecting our discipline. This is an excellent opportunity to be visibly involved in our postgraduate community, and remain informed of the most recent directions being developed by Art Historians in the ANU.

The guiding theme for our 2009 Symposium is Art Worlds.

We see this concept as having a wide range of interpretations, particularly relating to the production, distribution, and reception of art. For example, your paper might examine the dynamic relationships between artists and critics, patrons and institutions, or specific artworks and their audiences. You may wish to explore art movements or cultural groups as independent and overlapping “art worlds”, or raise questions regarding inclusivity and exclusivity in the arts. You might discuss the “art industry” in a broader sense, such as the consequences of the art market, unscrupulous auction tactics, discipline-specific publications, art education strategies, and case studies in controversy. Your paper’s topic may be centred upon any century, location, or case study. For further ideas, consult Martin Irvine’s discussion through this link.

We would like this Symposium to raise critical and lively issues relating to how the “Art World” operates, and provide original “behind-the-scenes” insights for our audience.

Feel free to interpret this guiding theme to suit your own preferences. You may refer to any of the Symposium organisers if you have questions about your proposed topic.

We seek original papers of approximately 20 minutes in duration. Undergraduates and visitors from other institutions will also be invited to attend and participate in the discussion of postgraduate papers.

The “Art Worlds” Symposium will be convened by Sam Bowker, Denise Morgan and Luke Diggins. It will be held in the Humanities Conference Room, AD Hope Building (ANU) over the weekend of the 19-20th September 2009.

Please submit your abstracts (200-300 words) or an expression of interest (with at least two sentences describing your proposed paper) to all three convenors as soon as possible. The deadline for abstracts is Thursday 20th August 2009.

Further information:
Sam Bowker (
Denise Morgan (
Luke Diggins (

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decipering Deleuze and Guattari

Dear reading group, I’m finding the next reading a little dense to say the least. Could anyone suggest an adjunct text to help unpack its content? Any pithy suggestions would be welcome Vanessa.

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Poetry and Paradox

Thank you to Suzanne Moss yesterday for her RIP regarding the investigation of the poetics of painting, particularly the contribution that colour and surface relationships provide to the evocation of luminosity.  I thought that discussions of some of the questions that were raised by the audience may  engender some helpful dialogue.  Personally,  the question broached regarding the relationship between an artist’s intentions and the creation of a ‘poetic’ painting I thought interesting; as was the general question of what constitutes the poetics in painting and what language may be used to describe it.  Is it predominately a perceptual experience or can it be analysed, discussed and intentionally created?  I would of assumed that all of us use an analytical approach to some degree as we select processes and materials, thus how do we avoid creating of a contrived didactic painting rather than poetic work?  Look forward to any comments, maybe Suzanne would like to include some of her key observations?

Sky Embrace, Suzanne Moss

Sky Embrace, Suzanne Moss

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