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I thought this comment was worth making into a post. More comments?

Further to the comments on the Krasner and Pollock essay, I was talking to Sarah Rice who gave a clearer view of the deconstructive method and its use in the essay by Marcia Brennan.
Deconstruction works with binary opposites in a way that both brings them together, problematises and seeks out relationships between them to produce other ways of considering the field of issues.

Brennan does this with a number of binaries such as public/private (eg public practice and career/domestic and private), male/female, rational/intuitive and material/metaphysical (as with Pollocks material object untouched by the hand claimed to also have other ethereal emotional and metaphysical properties)

I think her method is what separates these essays in Modernisms Masculine Subjects from many earlier feminist writings to give them the sense of freshness that people commented on.


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Feedback reading group

I found the reading group a little different to what I expected in structure and style. The analysis of text type very quickly became critical evaluation of the authors failings before interpretation had really occurred. In this process, assumptions are made concerning the level of understanding each of us have of the text making it hard for the discussion to flow between all participants. Although I could understand and appreciated this level of critical discourse, I was not prepared for it, as I only personally interpreted the text, I didn’t critically analyse it. Next time I will endeavour to do some further reading in relation to the text so I can undertake critical analysis. If only I was more articulate and assertive!


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Friday 3 april

Will see you all tomorrow, Fri. for the reading group, at A Block at 1pm . Hope more people will get on the blog after that. Peter said he had some comments on the reading..why not post them Pete?

Also I’ve contacted someone here at ANU who might give us a group session on blogging. I’ll keep you posted. Viv

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