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Canberra Cancerians charity auction

Hi everyone,

A friend is organising a charity auction at the Canberra Cancerians Ball – they raise money for cancer research.  She is looking for donations of paintings etc for the auction.  I gave a couple last year, and got a few commissions as a result, and I wondered whether anyone else would be prepared to donate work this year.  It’s an A-list kind of event (I never go; it’s much too posh).  Could you email me if you’re interested?


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In Our Time (radio program)

This is a BBC Radio 4 program hosted by Melvyn Bragg in which a panel of academics etc discusses a subject relating to the history of ideas – there’s a searchable archive of some hundreds of shows, and I’ve listened to a few on anatomy, artists, Baconian science, beauty (I’m working my way through alphabetically!).  Bragg can be a bit irritating, but on the whole they’ve been really good.  If you’re interested, you can download them from:

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Melinda Hinkson studio visits

Melinda Hinkson is planning to visit Lennox House studios next Wednesday morning, to talk to anyone who’s around.


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Article from Nature on painting

I’ve put an article in the media library about visual perception by (art historian) Martin Kemp, from the latest edition of Nature


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Reading for Group Two- Friday 4 September 2009

Hello everyone – Here are the links for Julie’s readings, she has also emailed the texts to you. Please let her know if there’s any problem with this, or if you’d like a hard copy instead.

Julie also Viv the editor.



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